Creative Studio of Tomorrow

Tomorrow approaches faster each day as technologies collide, ricochet, gravitate and merge to spawn new concepts, visions and materializations. Consider the synthetic food / picture phone future of ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ – today a quaint relic, a classic radio oldie – excepting its timeless hint of our cosmic connection. Modern design space harbors technological comets streaking the horizon with increasing speed and exponential quantity.

Contemporary designers must navigate an ever-expanding creative universe, tasked to identify, comprehend and apply technologies benefiting everyone everywhere all the time. The average internet-surfing designer has a thousand technology tennis balls shot at them daily with blistering velocity while striving to be reasonably accurate in their assumptions of how their artful techno decisions affect a global audience. The time-honored craft of design evolves with unending challenges… set to become even more daunting as designers transform into technology translators.

The definition of tomorrow’s “designer” will consist of both creative and technological expertise; a master of a collective earthly universe. And tomorrow is not five years away. Tomorrow is tomorrow.

recent article by Future Today Institute founder Amy Webb offers a fascinating dive into the creative studio of the future, suggesting staff positions such as Tattoo, Injectable and Earable Designers (aka Wearable Specialists). A Senior position might develop then integrate opto-aural nano implants, eliminating 3D glasses, virtual reality goggles, earbuds and headphones to facilitate neuro virtual experiences. Tomorrow’s designers will need to effectively respond to myriad situations unimaginable several years – no, wait – several minutes ago.

Image: Kite & Lightning

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