Geoff Biography

Communicating ideas in a language everyone understands: Experience.

Applying technology with storytelling and imagination with purpose, Geoff Puckett has conceived, directed and produced an array of productions. Beginning with hand-building laser graphic projection systems, then performing his live LaserDreams shows in the early to mid-1980s, Geoff tapped the science of Silicon Valley; artfully blending brilliant, multi-hued ion gas lasers with dimensional visual effects for concerts, dramatic theater and promotional events.

Beginning in 1988 Geoff’s subsequent 10 years with Walt Disney Imagineering took him to Paris, Tokyo and Orlando, developing special effects and imaging displays for theme park attractions within the Disney/MGM Studio Tour, EuroDisneyland (Disneyland Paris), EPCOT and Tokyo DisneySea. He directed Buena Vista International’s live/cinema showcase at Amsterdam’s 1997 Cinema Expo, then traveled to Broadway for a collaboration with Tony Award®-winning director Julie Taymor – creating projection effects for Disney’s original stage production of The Lion King.

Founding his own consulting firm, EffectDesign, Inc., Geoff took on CEO duties in 1998 to create learning experiences for Washington, DC’s Smithsonian Institute, Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s Science Fiction Museum, Philadelphia’s Franklin Institute, Silicon Valley’s Intel museum, the Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco and others. He led teams providing design, production and installation expertise for Schweitzer Mountain Resort’s Stella themed ski lift, the Clement Intercontinental Hotel Monterey and several Tuacahn Performing Art Center outdoor summer shows – including Disney’s Aladdin and Mary Poppins. EffectDesign is now part of the Geoff Puckett Group.

As the Writer and Creative Producer of New York City’s Times Square 2000 millennium celebration, Geoff’s international storytelling entertained 1.2 million people at the famous Crossroads of the World, while more than 2 billion watched via global television and internet. Messages of time, place and culture were conveyed without a single spoken word throughout two dozen live productions spanning 24 hours. The magic of music, live pageantry, video imagery and crowd interaction captivated the urban audience – noticeably reducing the number of police incidents throughout the unprecedented gathering. For the moment the once-in-a-lifetime event was the largest in the city’s 336 year history – covered extensively in the New York Times, on NY1 and CNN television and across hundreds of international media outlets.

“Never cheat on your dreams, for they are the foundations of your future.”

An engaging speaker at San Francisco’s Commonweath Club, the SETI Institute, Association for Corporate Growth, entertainment industry conferences and corporate events, Geoff explores our individual need to develop imagination to champion a meaningful future. His professional achievements demonstrate idea development together with value-oriented implementation — entrepreneurial cornerstones for success.

Geoff has led communication and experience design sessions within leading corporations such as Seagate, Intel, Microsoft, IBM, Ghirardelli and Coca-Cola, evolving core messages into memorably immersive experiences. His approach applies the foundations of cognitive and perceptual psychology, interaction design, new media and theater arts to emotionally engage participants – a time-honored technique empowering the human quest for discovery.

An avid traveler across 37 countries, Geoff continues an adventurous journey – successfully bridging realms of creativity and commerce. He is an active New Media Council member within the Producer’s Guild of America along with belonging to the Visual Effect Society, ACM SIGGRAPH and Association of Science–Technology Centers.

Geoff was educated in Environmental Design at Pasadena, California’s Art Center College of Design, Dramatic Arts at San Diego State University and is largely self-taught in the entertainment and experience design industries.  He values imagination, passion, intuition, empathy, transparency, patience and follow-through. Those who have inspired Geoff include Walt Disney, Edith Head, Mark Twain, Marie Curie, Nikola Tesla, Margaret Mead, Stanley Kubrick, Ayn Rand and Sir Richard Branson.