Concept Development

Whatever you imagine… now exists. Everything begins as idea.

Ideas produce long-lasting value when concepts are properly developed. Geoff has been in the concept development business for more than 30 years, evolving scripts and sketches into valuable assets. With his extensive creative, technology and business background, Geoff has become a leader in this field.

Concept development is akin to raising a family – a mutual relationship where listening, observing and guiding build a foundational balance. GPG understands the great importance of properly planned concepts since they sprout the essence of the public experience. Successful brands grow and prosper from focused concepts.

A new story evolves from the design group’s prior experience(s). We assemble talent based on specific project requirements and the specific story to be communicated. Messages effectively communicated resonate in the marketplace from solid research and planning. Together with writers, illustrators and animators, we balance the group with research, materials and systems experts.

As we explore options, hundreds of reference sources are gathered. Photographs, movie clips, visits to physical places and preliminary sketches from our group begin to shape possible directions. The project group leader insures appropriate time is applied to the concept effort, while monitoring progress to facilitate meeting efficiencies.

Boundaries are our ally. We establish boundaries along the development path to solidify promising scenarios. Of course there are moments when an earlier idea might return to the table after being shelved. We maintain open minds throughout the effort, devoting attention to cultural shifts, technology influences, style trends and generational interests.