Digital Imaging

The transition from film to digital imaging has opened exciting new doors to visual communication. Inanimate objects such as cars and walls come alive with colorful animation, while entire buildings become dynamic messaging and storytelling devices. Virtual Reality is redefining experiential storytelling. GPG understands the creative potential and technical solutions of digital imaging and its power to engagingly communicate.

Geoff has an expansive background in the design and application of imaging devices and systems. Solid state lasers, theatrical luminaires, conventional arc lamp, LED projectors virtual + augmented reality and mixed reality offer a diversified palette to select from. GPG handles all aspects of imaged environments – from storyboarding to animation production to hardware and display/device specification.

The psychological attraction of inanimate objects filling with animated imagery mesmerizes onlookers. Advertisers and marketers are increasingly aware of image mapping as a method to captivate consumers. Promotional and sporting events, along with world-class events such as the Olympics are increasingly applying digital projection to convey elaborate stories. 2D and 3D Stereoscopic virtual + augmented reality imaging is opening new visualization avenues while contributing to eyewear-free mixed reality experiences.

GPG specializes in the planning of digital imaging for temporary, touring, and permanent installations. We produce custom formatted media for specific setups and can advise on all aspects of this exciting visual communication platform.