Healing & Learning

We believe in the power of environmental space to enhance overall well being. Health care facilities are transitioning from institutional to holistic in their design and functionality. Natural elements such as trees, water features, and rambling pathways are reappearing within rehabilitation communities, while medical offices are introducing media-based displays to comfort, inform and educate patients of new techniques and procedures.

Learning is evolving as researchers explore the mechanisms of information retention. Beyond repetitive memorization and book tests, the immersive experience is being found to have a profound effect on long-term recall, together with deeper understanding of detail. Augmenting traditional reading and video teaching, physical experience connects all the senses at once to neurologically imprint information – literally re-wiring the brain. Imagination becomes a parallel catalyst as the learner interprets their ongoing sensory experiences.

Now in progress…

Patient Stress Reduction

In collaboration with Dr. Jagdev Heir M.D., D.M.D of Sacramento Surgical Arts, GPG is directing a prototype experience environment to reduce stress in oral surgery patients. Outfitting an operatory (surgery space) with special lighting, sound and 3D Stereoscopic imaging equipment, Dr. Heir is gathering patient response information on how stress levels change when individuals encounter an environment where imaginative wonder replaces fear.

Across 2014, Dr. Heir and his staff are observing this flexible, groundbreaking approach to patient care, which may eventually expand into clinics, hospitals and trauma centers.

Transformative Renewal Therapy

The Optimum Performance Institute of Woodland Hills, CA is developing techniques to improve the treatment efficacy of behavior disorders in young adults. GPG is integral in the design and application of technologies, media creation, and immersive experience delivery systems to bring Transformative Renewal Therapy℠ (TRT) to clinics in the coming years.

Through physical experience within a hybrid theatrical space, TRT reconnects an individual to childhood moments of discovery – before adult anxiety and fears existed. Acquired perceptions, social masks, and debilitating beliefs generally dissolve in this safe, instantly changeable surround environment. Participants can go anywhere, immersing themselves within story-driven scenarios of their own creation – reciting, acting, singing, playing music, etc. to engage all their senses in a timeless environment. During a session participants imaginatively evoke wonder and true joy via guided exploration and experimentation.

Institute founder Dr. Robert F. Fischer, MD leads the groundbreaking project. TRT is a mindfulness-based, play-oriented approach for individuals suffering from Borderline Traits and Borderline Personality Disorder, also known as BPD, delivered within a Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) milieu.

An initial prototype has shown encouraging results with institute participants, so a secondary development phase is now underway.