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Environmental space has long been defined by physical architecture, light and shadow. The interaction of these three elements have been part of everyday life across millennia. As the sun rose and set, spaces slowly transformed. With the advent of electric lighting, modern environments have stepped forward, shaped by flexible technologies such as energy-efficient LED (Light Emitting Diode) illumination sources.

Today, projected hues, textures, and images are again transforming environmental spaces in unforeseen ways. LED projection enables instantly changeable space within and across every type of architecture – inside and out. GPG offers our Mediavironment™ technique to define, articulate, and illuminate environmental space like never before.

GPG collaborates with designers and architects to integrate energy efficient, cool-running projection equipment into new buildings and residences. In programming our specified control system, a full gamut of environmental moods and appearances are created. With the finger swipe of a pad device, an interior instantly changes  – or transitions across time to fit a desired storyline.

Our extensive theatrical design background enables our designers to create most any experience – through color, shadow, illusion, and viewing perspectives. Animated elements such as a wandering butterfly can augment a forest scene, or clouds in an evening sky may gently drift as the sun sets. Commercial buildings with no outside view can now offer a myriad of exterior scenes which morph over time. Retail, restaurants and medical facilities benefit from bringing the outside world in – any time, any place.

For another exciting example of how GPG blends digital media with physical space, visit our Theatra3D™ page.