Producing Services

The diversity of GPG projects enables Geoff to apply over 35 years of creative and business understanding to each new endeavor. Drawing from decades in the dimensional communication and entertainment design worlds, GPG group members consistently complete projects on time and within budget. Our references prove that statement and we encourage your inquiry.

Every project is simultaneously approached from two angles: design intent and how the final design will be realized. A grand design is only as successful as the engineering, planning, materials and fabrication expertise bringing it to life. Finances and schedule are mutually essential to make a design properly function. All of these disciplines must dovetail across a project timeline. Across decades, GPG has evolved real-world experience to identify and manage issues before they occur, to produce effective solutions during production and installation.

Of prime importance, we ask ‘Why‘ before embarking into the early stages of a project. The answer(s) to ‘Why’ define a clear path together with a solid foundation on which to build supportive infrastructure with the best people. Planning with a defined perspective allows all parties to comprehend the end result at the beginning. From clarity we build teams with shared focus – applying their individual talents to reach the same target.

Producing services offered by GPG

• Creative Design and Direction
• Digital Imaging and Animation
• Fabrication Supervision
• Media System Specification
• Production Estimating
• Production Management
• Project Planning
• Talent Sourcing

Retainer consulting services by Geoff

• Project review and analysis
• Concept design/visualization
• Organizational guidance

Fees are based on complexity, duration and GPG staff requirements.