Concerts, Product Launches and Learning Seminars reinvented

Combining 3D Stereoscopic (aka “3D”) digital imaging with live stage presentation, Theatra3D™ enables an audience to experience a truly dimensional presentation. Imagine Star Trek’s® holodeck in a live theater – where objects and set elements appear and change instantly as real people interact with those objects and sets. A singer can whisk the audience into the future through both the lyrics of their song, as well as through immersive, three-dimensional media.

Then the singer takes another song into a fantastic forest where trees and plants come alive as the song progresses…

As the show finalé approaches, a big band orchestra materializes where the forest was only five seconds ago. Band members are fully dimensional, playing along with the singer. Large musical notes rise from behind the orchestra as lighting warms the entire stage…

Everything but the singer is digital. Sets, props, backdrops, lighting, and even backing musical tracks are on a single digital memory device – able to fit in a carry-on suitcase. Multiple trucks, rigging, excessive set up time, and associated costs are all but eliminated. This is Theatra3D™; presentable in convention halls, auditoriums, sporting venues and traditional theaters.

Part of the magic is the integration of a special projector and single projection screen. Combined with GPG design and stereoscopic media production, this presentation technique creates highly memorable product launches, sales meetings, learning seminars, training events, even award shows. Attention is instantly captured and maintained.

See how GPG showcased a gourmet dinner and the chef in an unprecedented, unforgettable evening at Silicon Valley’s GROW! Awards….

Bon Appetit Management Company Culinary Director Robbie Lewis appears as the chef.