Disney’s ‘Aladdin’ Stereoscopic Sets


The magic of a young boy’s adventure in the ‘Cave of Wonders’ came alive at southern Utah’s Tuacahn Amphitheater across the summer of 2012. GPG produced numerous 3D stereoscopic settings for Disney’s ‘Aladdin’, beginning with the Cave gatekeeper – a giant lion appearing out of thin air. Our digital visual effects merged with live actors as Aladdin’s lamp flew from the stage out over the audience.

Moments later, a giant spider battled the boy, and with the 3D appearance of the Genie, palatial interiors materialized as girls levitated 3D ribbons above their heads. In the Casbah Restaurant, with its rotating/floating marquee, a whole scene played out in classic Broadway musical style. Scenic elements changed with the snap of the Genie’s finger, accelerating excitement throughout the entire Cave of Wonders sequence since anything could instantly happen!

In a final sequence the audience laughed as a ‘Genie or No Genie’ television stage had Aladdin guessing which briefcase the Genie was hiding in. When opened, the floating, disembodied Genie blew a party favor to commence a 3D confetti extravaganza. GPG collaborated with the show’s director, choreographer, set designer, construction foreman, lighting, and technical teams to stage this one-of-a-kind spectacular.

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