Smithsonian Ocean Hall

Watch this video overview…


The National Museum of Natural History at the Smithsonian Institute (Washington, DC) opened the expansive Ocean Hall gallery in 2008.  GPG conceived innovative methods of presenting motion media around the upper areas of the gallery. Our pre-visualization team produced several photo-realistic concept “animatics” which display the stunning high definition motion photography of digital cinematographer Feodor Pitcairn. GPG software engineers created a technique to convert conventional 16:9 format HD media into a first-of-its-kind 350 ft. long 24:1 immersive experience. This technique enables whales to be presented at their life-size scale… and for swarming schools of fish to envelope the entire gallery.

Our multiple projector system takes existing projection + server technology and applies it in an innovative way – something GPG has become known for. Our media extension technique enables any high definition source to become a wrap-around encounter.