‘Times Square 2000’

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Geoff Puckett served as the Writer and Creative Producer of ‘Times Square 2000.’ Promoted as The Global Celebration at the Crossroads of the World, the event was a 24-consecutive hour celebration in the heart of New York City, bringing together the entire world through live entertainment, music, sound & light effects, together with satellite television images broadcast to, and received from dozens of global locations. The production was the longest running, most elaborate millennium event in the United States.

Puckett brought together a diverse team of designers and craftspeople from across the U.S., creating at the time, the largest live public event in New York City’s history. The vision was grand, however the show budget required tight coordination. Volunteers worked alongside industry professionals to breathe life into 160 custom crafted puppets. Sound designers created a discreet 16-channel sonic environment. Dancers interpreted cultures from diverse countries and traditions within each hour.

The scale of ‘Times Square 2000’ was enormous, yet behind the scenes this production came together because of team passion, vision, focus, and creative spirit – the ingredients GPG brings to each of its creations.