Creativitea is many things. Geoff Puckett’s original concept was designed for a large-scale urban museum; a group of dynamic environments transforming a traditional museum snack bar/cafeteria into an imagination-expanding series of art exhibition and food/beverage spaces.

Walking down a city street, visitors approach a large facade displaying the current work of a featured artist within. This changeable display pulls guests toward it – with dynamic shapes and colorful hues contrasting gray streetscapes nearby. Rising up an exterior ‘musical scale’ ramp to the second floor… guests enter.

On the upper floor, exotic teas from around the world are served; their scents drifting through the air as world music rhythmically drifts. Framed images d’art from within the main museum gracefully orbit overhead, mingling with “idea orbs” whose presence represent the origins of ideas. Here is a place to relax at mid-day, chat with friends about creative endeavors, and snack on new world tastes from the in-house bakery and deli.

Evening descends as guests step down to the subterranean level. In this richly lit space guests enjoy drinks, then dinner in a cozy, intimate space. A gold framed raised stage presents live, artfully staged music and occasional auctions of specially crafted pieces which attract revenues for the museum. A full bar lets guests enjoy a cool drink amidst wondrous environs.

Creativitea continues to be developed by GPG, soon to find a special place in this ever-changing, endlessly creative world.