Walk-Through Nebula


A hand-crafted concept model developed for the SETI Institute by GPG under the direction of Geoff Puckett to demonstrate how immersive deep space image data can be experientially visualized. All front and interior surfaces have projections of real celestial objects collected by Hubbell and equivalent space telescopes.

Visitors pre-select the nebula they wish to explore – then enter across a star walk into a cylindrical passageway. Inside the display visitor voice commands modify projected data in real time. Visitors can move closer to specific areas or travel across millions of miles in several seconds as actual nebulae sounds permeate the air. Approaching the end of the visualization tunnel brings the discovery of how nebulae form in a second exhibition area.

GPG specializes in experiential learning environments such as this, blending technology with storytelling to dimensionally convey complex subjects. From experiences such as this walk-through nebula, individuals take away more than information. They carry memories of being one with something previously unimaginable.