Walt Disney’s Imagination Visualized

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WALT DISNEY’S IMAGINATION MEDIA DISPLAY / Walt Disney Family Museum, San Francisco

Our all encompassing 360-degree media design colorfully presents Walt Disney’s vivid imagination in three dimensions as guests walk fully around and under the stationary six foot diameter sphere. This display is the glowing centerpiece of Gallery 9 inside San Francisco’s Walt Disney Family Museum. At the time of its 2010 installation, this was the highest definition spherical motion picture display ever created – engineered and produced exclusively by GPG.

GPG produced all the media for this display, combing Disney studio archives for footage depicting the 1964-65 New York World fair, Audio-Animatronics, EPCOT Center, and Walt’s miniature train which ran around his Holmby Hills property. Since there is no sound associated with this display, the imagery, edited by Geoff Puckett, had to clearly convey the magical creations Walt conceived and realized for the world.

This centerpiece media display represents the technique of “image mapping” – where a very high resolution 8K motion picture image is transformed to seamlessly appear around a non-flat projection surface. Image mapping can be applied to any physical shape to bring animated movement with compelling story scenarios to inanimate objects such as cars, exhibition façades/interiors, architectural scale models, theatrical staging, and full sized buildings.

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