Seagate Cylindrical Media Displays

360 SURROUND MEDIA EXPERIENCE / Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas, NV

With their innovatively designed exhibit debuting at the 2006 Consumer Electronics Show (Las Vegas), Seagate Technologies presented groundbreaking high definition media displays in a full 360-degree surround format. Developed and produced by GPG, the largest cylindrical motion picture environment measured 18 feet in diameter and 20 feet high. Our custom lens / single projector per exhibit cylinder enabled seamless media to completely envelope attendees.

The imagination-captivating cylindrical media boldly stood out from nearby exhibits, whose flat rectangular displays generally blended together. Show floor representatives from other exhibits quickly spread the word, noting our design was a captivating “next step” in corporate messaging. Based on exit surveys across a dozen nearby CES exhibits, attendees who immersively experienced Seagate’s surround media recalled 37% more of the core message compared to exhibition neighbors.