‘Starlight Express’ Stereoscopic Sets

Watch this video overview…


The theatrical production of Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber’s roller skating musical was staged in Utah’s Tuacahn amphitheater during the summer of 2013. GPG conceived and produced the 3D stereoscopic scenic elements to coincide with skating performers. Choreography by Louanne Madorma-Williams seamlessly merged our custom media to enhance the journeys of several “trains” through various story locales.

GPG technicians custom engineered a miniature 3D camera rig by fabricating a housing which enabled two GoPro cameras to be placed extremely close to one another. Combined with hand-crafted miniature model sets, the visual result produced numerous playful environments on a large screen at the back of the stage. Since ‘Starlight’s’ story is told through the imagination of a young boy, the stylized look was ideal for the first-of-its-kind production.

Three-dimensional media blended with live performers brought a new perspective to the audience as sets instantly changed with the action. As the trestle bridge exploded, fragments of wood flew overhead. Electrical zaps jumped out from high tension lines as characters battled. The impact of the 3D-enhanced show was noted as “groundbreaking”, and “reaching new heights” by the regional press.