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Rehearsals are complete, code is cranking, and links are linking. As the spotlight swings around to the digital stage… “Welcome” to this debut blog on the brand new Geoff Puckett Group (GPG) website. The fresh, clean graphic look debuts as spring emerges here on California’s west coast.

For those who have collaborated with me within the EffectDesign studios, know GPG will proudly continue the inventive tradition as a San Francisco and Los Angeles consultancy, with a stellar assemblage of highly talented individuals.

I want to thank Chris Macho in Los Angeles for his layout insights and coding assistance across the past several months. We have similar design styles so bringing the site up was quite pleasurable. And some good words for Leslie Baker, whose ETCH Creative studio is a place where you’ll find the highest quality digital and print communication expertise. Leslie introduced me to Chris this past January, and this website is the result of that intro. Truly an enjoyable experience!

Speaking of experience, this website and the diversely talented group it represents explores the realm of experiential communication in several ways. Digital technology has been merging with numerous aspects of modern life across the past couple of decades. Today we are entering a wondrous time when pixels and places meld into changeable, morphable expressions – where most any environment can be realized instantly with a simple interface such as a pad device or smartphone.

The past 35 years (the length of my professional career) have birthed some amazing technological breakthroughs; from VariLight® moving theatrical lights, to solid state lasers, and compact, energy-efficient LED illumination – today pretty much everywhere we look. Next will be a dimensional revolution in spatial experiences facilitated by the upcoming generation of high-brightness LED projectors. This is where I’m taking GPG in the coming years – to a realm where inanimate objects, walls, and buildings become living, almost breathing entities.

As this one-of-a-kind group moves forward, I invite you to contact me with questions and comments regarding what is ahead – as digital imaging jumps off movie and television screens into restaurants, retail shops, product showcases, even our own homes. I sense you’ll soon be captivated at what you… experience!

(Photo by Rick Gilbert)

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