Milliennials Seek Experiences

89% of U.S. Millennials recommend brands to friends based on their own experience.
84% are likely to consider a brand which offers an outstanding experience.

Millennials Compared to Boomers

76% are more likely to pay more for brand names based on their personal experience.
92% in China selected a specific brand based solely on their outstanding experience.

Experience Talking Points vs. Viral Media

75% of consumers discuss and recommend brands based on their positive personal experiences.

In-Store Brand Experience

72% of customers say their personal experience determines future brand loyalty and purchases.

Experience Drives Business

82% of consumers ultimately decide to purchase a brand offering an outstanding experience.
59% consistently pay more for a brand which consistently provides a great experience.

Business Opportunities

40% of shoppers admit to changing their minds in a retail store based on their experience.
Only 26% of customers report they have ever had memorably unique experiences.